It’s All in the Details

March 31, 2015 5:48 pm
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It’s ALL in the Details!  When designing your main living area the basic elements of a room are sofas, chairs, coffee and end tables and all the items that are purely functional.  But it’s those details that can really express the feeling you want to convey.  It’s sometimes the hardest part of decorating and many of our customers at Trellis need help with those finishing touches.

I like to start with a rug if the room calls for one.  Think of rugs as “Art” for the floor.  An  area rug can warm up a space, add color or give a room texture, not to mention the unifying effect it can have in a grouping.  Pillows are a detail that can’t be underestimated.  It’s amazing what a few new pillows in the latest pattern or color can do for a sofa that’s seen a few years.  I like changing pillows with the seasons for a fresh take on my own interiors and it’s much easier on the budget then a new piece of upholstery!

In a store setting we place a selection of accessories on tables to show you examples of items that play well off each other in a “real” home.  This particular table has a clean and simple palette of earthy browns and crème with pops of green.   There’s not too many colors that wouldn’t enhance this room setting but my favorite would have to be something in an earthy red.  OR try a hip shade of orange ….. better yet golden yellow……then there’s always navy blue!   The best part of our job is helping you pick out the color combination that speaks to your own personal style.


Artwork  is such a personal statement in decorating and when it comes to a store with a wide range of choices and price points, look no further than TRELLIS!  Did you know the vast majority of pictures that grace our walls are hand-picked prints and custom frames made right here in the USA?  Nothing in your home is more telling than the art you have on your walls.  Do you love color in all the shades of  the rainbow?   Is your happy place on a beach gathering shells?   Traveling the globe  a passion of yours?   The blue sky and floating clouds lower your blood pressure?  Art can change the entire vibe in a space and if you don’t believe it just take all your pictures off the walls.   Don’t put anything back on those walls unless you really, really, and I mean really love it.   If nothing at all goes back up then may I suggest you visit the decorators at TRELLIS!  IT really is all in the details.



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