Sectional Sofas in Small Spaces

October 31, 2015 1:58 am
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Most people think a big sofa in a small space is a no-no, but we hope to convince you this isn’t always the case!  Take a sectional sofa for instance.  One large seating area can actually anchor a room and make it seem even bigger!  Instead of several small chairs and an apartment size sofa, the sectional can take care of all your seating needs and still leave room for a generous coffee table or ottoman.

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Tucked tight into a corner, your sectional will be the cozy retreat—perfect for one, or entertaining a crowd to watch football!  This arrangement is really perfect for families, especially when little ones want to snuggle up and watch movies with mom and dad!  Also consider…do you want a space that wraps you in warmth?…or an airy, fresh room full of bright light?  Knowing what you want out of your space will tell you what kind of comfort is most important .

Also, many sectionals are modular, consisting of smaller pieces arranged in the configuration of choice to best fit your space.  The versatility is appealing, as well as the option of moving sections of the sofa as needed.

The furniture industry has introduced so many fabrics that can stand up to an active family and still look fabulous!  Leather is always an option, but you’ll pay a premium price, so be sure it’s a type of leather that doesn’t mark easily.  The gray sectional style shown above with a chaise lounge is one of our most popular, and for good reason.  It’s only natural to want to put your feet up after a long day and the chaise is designed just for that in mind.

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Think about color first.  Color is the fastest way to set a mood in a room, so you need to determine what color schemes make you feel comfortable.  Cool blues, greens and pinks are relaxing and calming.  Warm corals, yellows and browns can make you feel, well…warm!  What is comfort to you in this space?

There is no wrong answer, just what speaks to you and your family.  We love using color on the walls, then adding minimal accessories for contrast in keeping the space looking clean and uncluttered.  At Trellis Erie we offer a design service to help you decide which colors and sectional is right for your room.  The thousands of fabrics and leather choices can be daunting, but with our expert help we can put you on track to get exactly the look you want.

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And do we love pillows? Without toss pillows, a sectional can feel like a big expanse of endless sofa.  Toss pillows in different sizes, colors and patterns help to give your sectional some life.  They also help to physically define the seating arrangements a little better, and generally make a sectional feel cozy and intimate.

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When shopping for a sectional, don’t be tempted by bargain brands and prices.  It won’t endure wear and tear, may only a last few years at best, and you’ll end up with a piece that’s battered, broken, and ready for the landfill.  Hmmm….bargain?  Buy the best sectional sofa you can afford and it will service your family for years to come.  Look for heavy, solid construction with spring down cushions that hold their shape, and when possible—made in the USA!

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Consider a visit to Trellis to peek at the many room settings we’ve staged for you to inspire your imagination.  Remember, at Trellis, inspiration is always on the house!

~ Sandy



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